Integrate Standards and Habits—QEHS Certification of the Park


Author:  |  Date:2017-08-16
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Integrate Standards and Habits—QEHS Certification of the Park

In late March, Yellow Crane Tower Park obtained the “Quality, Environmental, Occupational Healthy & Safety (QEHS)” certification approved by the CNAS. The park first passed the 2004 Quality Management Certification System. This year it passed such review once more in quality management and first obtained QEHS certification.

From 2016 onwards, consultants were invited from a management consultancy to conduct tutorship and training in park-wide QEHS. As a result, Comprehensive Management Manual took shape and 143 secondary control documents and 73 tertiary operation documents got revised. Nearly 120-hour-long intense training consisting of 16 sessions allowed each section head and each project team member to understand in depth QEHS standards, operation links and PDCA cycle.

Upon the establishment of QEHS, park-wide personnel performed, as guided by consultants, a 2-day-long internal review and found out problems concerning the system operation. Then all sections made feasible measures for improvement in time.

On March 7 and from March 15 to 17, expert panel from Quality Assurance Centre of China Association for Quality conducted two external reviews together lasting 4 days and proposed 4 nonconformities and some other items for improvement. Later on, all sections worked together to remove all 4 non-conformities and improve those advised items. Moreover, they collected review materials for the management review to come. From training to operation and from assessment to improvement, all these works provided a robust support for the three QEHS’s constant operation.

During the QEHS certification, the park took part in the Defense Response for the National Tourist Service Quality Model Units jointly held by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Tourism Administration. Last year, it finally was ranked among 13 shortlisted candidates for the 2017 defense response from 103 excellent units of 28 provinces, municipalities and regions nationwide. On that occasion, Yellow Crane Tower sharpened its exchanges with other advanced units within the industry in terms of quality management, thus accumulating valuable experience.

Many excellent enterprises in the international community aspire to systematize and standardize management and make such management go normal. This pattern is also what Yellow Crane Tower tries to accomplish. To this end, the park not only established the QEHS, but introduced excellent performance mode at once. In this way, all standards involved can be incorporated into the mode framework so that an integrated management system will take form. The advent of this overall system will pave the way for winning Changjiang Quality Award and making Yellow Crane Tower Scenic Area lead the regional and even national tourism and gain worldwide fame.


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