Martyrs Commemoration—Qingming Festival Sacrifice by the Tower Park


Author:  |  Date:2017-04-07
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At 9:00 a.m. of April 5 namely the drizzling Qingming Festival, many people paid homage to those martyrs laid to rest in emerald pines and cypresses. CPC Park Committee initiated a Qingming Festival Martyr Sacrifice Ceremony on the Square with Xinhai Revolution Wuchang Uprising Memorial Monument in Shouyi East District. The leadership along with all intermediate cadres, unit, service, management and operation Party Members, totaling more than 50, attended the solemn event.

In front of the monument, they stood in a neat, solemn array. Two soldiers carried two flower baskets offered by CPC Park Committee and Administrative Division, walked slowly toward the monument and placed the baskets onto the monument pedestal. Administrative Division’s leaders Dong Chong and Zhang Xingao mounted up the steps with a solemn look and neatened up the baskets’ ribbons, which writes “Eternal Life to the Revolutionary Martyrs.” Then the leaders led the remaining Party members to offer fresh flowers by turns and walk around the monument for a circle.

Then all Party members stood in silent salute and bowed three times to the martyrs, followed by another silent salute of 3 minutes. All of them made solemn vows to, as inspired by the heroism and aspiration of those martyrs who had made glorious exploits, have a firm belief in China and brave any difficulty for achieving the Chinese Dream!

After the ceremony, they altogether visited Ice-Embracing Hall and Shrine of Martyrs.


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